Delivery Models

Remote Development Centre (RDC)

FADS offer the following models to execute various projects for our customers. The customer has the best choice to choose from any of these models and to customize as per his needs. Remote Development Centre (RDC) A Remote Development Center (RDC) is an engagement model where we recreate an offshore development environment at our facility in Hyderabad (India) which meets your exact business requirements, both in technology and manpower. It is a virtual extension of your own organization. We recruit all suitable team members according to your requirements and they would operate within our IT infrastructure. We ensure a swift start up of your operations in the most cost-effective method. An RDC is suitable for organizations that want to concentrate on their core-competencies and yet retain full control of all their IT initiatives and secure all IP rights.


  • Offers 40-50% cost savings compared to traditional development at onsite

  • Fixed cost every month

  • Better control over development process

  • Better Control on offshore development team

  • Low risk with high return

  • Less management attention required for management of IT projects

Onsite Development Centre

A dedicated team of professional’s works at the client’s facility, and reports to the client’s IT head. The actual project management could also be done by the client, if desired. This is suitable for organizations, which already have IT facilities in place, and is useful for projects like ongoing software upgrades that require constant interaction with different departments at the client’s location. This frees the client from personnel recruitment & management, while ensuring development by quality and technology savvy professionals. We are equipped to meet requirements of various sizes and at various locations.

Offsite Development Centre

Under this scheme, the development of projects could be undertaken at our local development center nearest to the client location. This enables the client to oversee the project management.